[Summer] New seasonal menu has started!

Our New seasonal menu have completed! Will start from Today!
Enjoy our seasonal menu filled with highly selected seasonal ingredients from all over the world. Keeping the freshness of the ingredients and seal in the remaining juice, flavor and texture, each dish has created with great care.

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<< Introducing some of our new seasonal dishes >>

- Country-style pate with marinated four-leaf cucumber, new lotus root,  pickled myoga ginger and balsamic sauce.

-  Shrimp and scallop tartare with olive and tomato vermicelli, celery root puree on side.

- Today's fresh fish viennoise with fricassee of beans (broad beans, green peas and edamame), white wine sauce on side.

- Tottori Pref. Daisen chicken thigh confit and gratin dauphinois millefeuille.