New menu “10 plate Menu de Gourmand” has started!

<< Menu de Gourmand - Ten plates Préfixe Cours >>   8,900 yen (tax included)     
Enjoy small amount of ten delicious plates filled with carefully selected best ingredients. Without compromise and very carefully bringing out the flavor of the raw ingredients, vividly colored beautiful art cuisines are born. Experience unforgettable taste and the time at GINZA chez tomo.
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TEL: 03-5524-8868

1st dish:  Ladify sea urchin ( Sea urchin and scrambled eggs with lobster sauce )

2nd dish:  Variety of seasonal vegetables plate - 28 to 30 kinds

3rd dish:   1st appetizer
( menu from one night: Pen shell wrapped in cubic pen shell jelly.)

4th dish: 2nd appetizer
( menu from one night: Small cuttlefish basquais, stewed in squid ink.)

5th dish: Seasonal potage
( menu from one night: French summer truffle cream risotto in silver cercle.)

6th dish: Today's fish dish
( menu from one night:

7th dish: granité

8th dish: Today's meat dish
( menu from one night:

9th dish: avant dessert - today's small dessert

10th dish: Imagination dessert - Choose your favorite dessert

Coffee or Tea

* If you have any allergy please inform our staff.